The Ides of March

So, apparently tomorrow is the Ides of March.  To be honest, that’s all I have to say about it.  I don’t really know what it means.  I just brought it up as if I had no other things to talk about.  Which is not true!!!

So, I’m going to give some quick summaries, because of course I’ve been neglectful, partially because I’ve been going at full-tilt.

-DTS is on outreach!  They were in Cyprus for a while, and got back, full of great stories.  Now they are doing a UK-based outreach; we have one team in England and one up north on Skye.  There has been a transportation snafu with our northern team, so tomorrow I am going to drive a borrowed van up and drive the team around for the rest of outreach.  I’m picking them up in Inverness and then we’re going even MORE north, to Orkney.  I am super excited about going to Orkney!!!  And looking forward to joining in with outreach.  Hoping for more good (not van-related? Please?) adventures and connections and to share good news with people!

-I have been having lots of fun with my youth group here– worship events (see lightening stamp photo!), pancake nights, and last week an escape room.  We did not escape.  However, we did establish that nobody learns to use rotary phones anymore, and that apparently they also don’t play dominoes (which were mistaken for Morse Code somehow…).  IMG_1545

This season, we’ve been talking about justice issues, and the things we care about in the world.  We kicked it off by giving every person in our church a roll of toilet paper, made by a company called “Who Gives a Crap,” which gives half of its profits to sanitation projects.  Basically, we’ve been working on challenging our young people to think about what they “give a crap” about.  There was some discussion about whether or not we could say “crap” in church, but in the end, it was okay.  There are so many puns that I am trying to avoid at this point!

-This week, I was prayed in, with 3 others, to be the National Leadership Team for YWAM Scotland.  We had our YWAM Scotland gathering and had an amazing speaker come share with us some of what God’s been doing through his work in business in Scotland, which was so cool, and then we had lots of prayer afterward.  I feel really honored to be in this position, and just hope that I can fill this role well!  In the next few months I’ll be involved in more pastoral/member care for our teams, as well as being a part of launching our Mobile DTS, which all of YWAM Scotland will be involved in.  It’s going to be a lot, but I am really excited for the chance to grow and see God move.  New adventures are calling!

1810 YWAM Scotland HOS FB slides sub_21810 YWAM Scotland HOS FB slides sub_3

-Oh, there’s more, of course!  But I have to sleep because of all the driving I am doing tomorrow.  Blessings, friends!  May you have your eyes open to the adventures before you and the grace to enjoy them in the moment!

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